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Enact Game is a serious game developed within the framework of the ENACT Project (a project funded by teh EACEA under Erasmus+ KA3 measure), which aims at assessing and training negotiation skills through simulated interactions between the user and a virtual agent, controlled by an Artificial Intelligence system. It is free and easy to use and can be played on PC (mobile devices are not supported at the moment) with some of the most common web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The Assessment Session

The Assessment session will give you a psychological profile of your negotiation skills. It is composed of 5 real life short scenarios, in which you will be asked to negotiate with our AI. At the end of the session you will receive a profile about your negotiation skills based on Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory-II (ROCI II) test.

The Training Session

The training session is a personalised session to practice your negotiation abilities through a dynamic interaction with an AI. This session is longer than the Assessment one, as you will be asked to play each scenario in different contexts. Indeed, at the beginning of each scenario a brief introduction will describe the conditions under which the negotatiation process takes place.

Guided training

If you want a complete and tailored training experiences, you can play in the guided mode, where a tutor will guide you during the interaction with different scenarios and interlocutors.

Unguided training

If you're just curious to see how the EnactGame looks like you can play in the unguided mode, that allows you to select among different scenarios and contexts, and have a fast feedback about your negotation skills.


A PDF user manual is available in 4 different languages (English, Italian, Turkish, Spanish) with instructions about the game.

Theory and resources about the topic of ENACT game are available, in Italian, within a MOOC delivered by Davide Marocco adn Elena Dell'Aquila, where ENACT game is discussed in the final lesson. The MOOC, available for free, is available Here

Dialogapps is a dedicated website for tutors and teachers, where it is possible to manage users of different trial groups (partners), looking at their results, and monitoring their progresses during the trials (credentials required).

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